Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OK here's the deal....

My computer is basically dead. I can turn it on, but it freezes about 5 minutes later (before I am able to get into any of my files). So, it's not looking like I will be posting my new valentines day kit. I'm dissapointed, cuz it is kind of cute, but what do ya do? I will continue trying to get it off my computer, but I'm not hopeful.
The good news is that I have purchased a new laptop which should be here mid-February. This means that I will be much more likely to design kits more often (I didn't do much designing because my desktop was soooooo slow!). So, my dead computer might possibly be your good fortune.
Here's a question for any of you who may know: How do viruses get into downloadable files? I ask because I download a lot of free digital scrapbooking stuff and my computer was infected with 14 viruses! Do the owners of the file attach the viruses themselves? Or does someone else get access to the files and attach the viruses. I guess my ultimate question is If I offer free downloads, would it be possible that they would contain viruses that I don't know about? I would hate for anyone to get a virus from my stuff. So if you can answer that, please do!

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Clenece said...

Yeah I would love to know that too. Good luck with your new computer, and good luck with the old one as well! I look forward to downloading your other kits when my computer gets fixed!